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Yulind took a vacation with the King and a Cat to buy strawberries and became Myrth!!!


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(pics are from a google image search of their name) 

myrth.pngYulind1 @Yulind1

 Image result for Yulind


myrth.pngking Mahan @king Mahan


myrth.pngStrawburyCat @StrawburyCat


  On your promotion to myrth.pngMyrth
On behalf of the Clan, the Tylar Team congratulates you! 



Permissions and Access
  • Registration on Discord with rank Myrth
  • Is ranked as lieutenant in clanchat myrth.pngMyrth
  • Access to the shoutbox on forums
  • The right to submit a break or absence record
  • The right to retire and return when ready
  • The right to apply for any available staff position 
  • The right to take part in any vote or clan discussion
  • The right to run events
  • The right to attend any clan event



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congratz :) 

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Congratulations to you all! 

Hope you are feeling right at home in SoA  :D 

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