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  1. Today
  2. Thanks for welcoming me as a new Tylar! I can't wait to further bond with y'all! And sorry this is a late reply but I've been focused on course work and midterms!
    • Nymerin
    • KryptikViruz

    Happee Birthdae!

  3. Yesterday
  4. Whooooo hoooooo! Welcome, Pathravuongv, who I say hi and bye to
  5. Gratz! Enjoy your trial
  6. Last week
  7. Please welcome our newest Tylar elf! We hope you're enjoying your time here so far. Have fun on your trial! Pathravuongv Tylar (Trial Member)
  8. Go you good things!
  9. until
  10. Grats!
  11. Thanks And gratz to everyone on their gains
  12. Earlier
  13. im a real boy! lol gratz to all
  14. until
    Check the events forum for upcoming festivities! Mini-skill comps:
  15. until
  16. Gratzzzzzzzzzz to all Now Jason you can stop afk mining now bro haha and drink whisky like a real man haha
  17. Nanashi for winning the Mining Competition with an amazing 7,188,795 xp! And Nymerin for winning the most xp for under level 99s with an impressive 2,535,064 xp! And JaredLeo and Nymerin for gaining the most levels with 12 levels gained! Great job! And well done to all the other participants! The clan gained 20,773,767 xp and 24 levels! The 2nd and 3rd place winners were: Most xp level 99: Kitty Smith and Lucifer Box Most xp under 99: Jaredleo and n/a Most levels: n/a The full list of participants is here: http://competitions.spiritsofarianwyn.com/viewcomp.php?compid=76
    • Lizziefrog
    • Snufflapagus

    Missed you about Snuffy. Belated birthday greets <3

    • Nymerin
    • SageTheWitch

    Happee Birthdae!

    • Wizanthony
    • Phyntom

    Happy Birthday !!!! 

  18. Mad gains! Grats!
  19. Well deserved, congrats!
  20. Congrats!
    • Nymerin
    • Phyntom

    Happee Birthdae!

  21. Wow! Nice gains there!
  22. Congratulations to everyone
  23. Wow nice!
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