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  3. Congrats!! Glad you're both enjoying the clan!
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  5. Heatherbear

    July 2021 Attendance Awards

  6. Heatherbear

    July 2021 Attendance Medals

    ooo congrats all!
  7. haha! somehow i knew that was coming Thank you everyone! I am super happy Now I must go hide from Alex
  8. to... (pics are from a Google image search of their name) AlexWilliam (Alex, USA) @AlexWilliam and... Argo Ashtore (Jason, USA) @Argo Asthore On your promotion to Myrth! On behalf of the Clan, the Tylar Team congratulates you! Myrth
  9. Congratulations Boss! Great to have you on board
  10. Meister Yuki

    July 2021 Attendance Medals

    Nice Job everyone!
  11. Psychojonas

    August 2021 Loyalty Promotions

    Congrats all, thanks for keeping SoA great!
  12. Psychojonas

    July 2021 Attendance Medals

    Lots of medals, well done everywhere!
  13. Psychojonas

    July 2021 Attendance Awards

    Congrats all!
  14. Plak

    • Plak
    • Heatherbear

    Happy birthday :sorcerer:

    1. Heatherbear


      Thank you!!!:teddy:

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