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  3. Firesteal918

    A New Tylar Emerges!

  4. (And by special request, the red carpet has been rolled out for Buu & Ikan!)
  5. to... (pics are from a google image search of their name) Buuscape (Daniel, Malta) @Buuscape and... Ikan B-Bakaa (Wei Li, Malaysia) @Ikan B-Bakaa On your promotion to Myrth! On behalf of the Clan, the Tylar Team congratulates you! Myrth
  6. Elktz

    Ranged comp

  7. Alex Undeath

    A New Tylar Emerges!

    Congratssss! Glad to have you in the clan!
  8. Aglarion

    A New Tylar Emerges!

  9. Astrose

    A New Tylar Emerges!

  10. Princess Rae

    A New Tylar Emerges!

    Welcome and congratulations! Hope you enjoy your time as a Tylar.
  11. Plak

    • Plak
    • Holbytla

    Happy birthday! 

    Celebrate Happy Birthday GIF

  12. Psychojonas

    A New Tylar Emerges!

  13. Boss Shanks

    • Boss Shanks
    • Holbytla

    Happy Birthday, Hannah!!

    1. Holbytla


      Thank youuuu!!! <3<3 

  14. Larcenist

    A New Tylar Emerges!

    Congrats and welcome!
  15. Meister Yuki

    A New Tylar Emerges!

    Welcome and congrats!!!!
  16. Kaeleaxxa

    A New Tylar Emerges!

    Thanks all! Looking forward to being being a member!
  17. Holbytla

    A New Tylar Emerges!

  18. Boss Shanks

    A New Tylar Emerges!

    Congrats Kaeleaxxa!
  19. Boss Shanks

    A New Tylar Emerges!

    Please welcome our newest Tylar Elf! We hope you're enjoying your time here so far! Kaeleaxxa @Kaeleaxxa **Remember to check forums often for your message from your Mentor!!**
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  21. Holbytla

    Correktion: Two Far-out Myrths!

    Congrats all!!
  22. Marshal Jor

    Sunday PvM - Kalphite Queen

    11am Pac | 1pm Cen | 2 pm EST | 6pm Game Time (18:00) | 7pm BST | 4am (next day) Aus East/QLD | 5am NZ Important Information: Meet at Shantay Pass and then walk together to KQ See forums post for more information on KQ and her attacks - Sunday PvM - Kalphite Queen - Events - Spirits of Arianwyn (soa-rs.com)
  23. Boss Shanks

    Correktion: Two Far-out Myrths!

    Congrats to both!
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