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  2. It's only taken almost 6 years! Woo, thanks! Grats, Flower
  3. Today
  4. Congratulations to our latest Tylar and Member of the Month for the month of November! Lizziefrog and Rayaflower both showed exceptional commitments to the clan during the past month and we are pleased to be able to recognize them as recipients of the Member and Tylar of the Month award! (many thanks to some guy named Anthony for the signatures)
  5. Welcome and good luck with your trial!!
  6. Yesterday
  7. Congrats
  8. grats!
    • Wizanthony
    • theguyinred1

    Happy Birthday !!!!!

    • Wizanthony
    • Kovu

    Happy Birthday !!!!!

    1. Kovu


      Thank you!

  9. Last week
  10. Congrats and good luck with your trial!
  11. Best of luck with your trial!
  12. Ayyyy, thank yeee Good choice staff team
  13. Welcome and good luck on your trial!
  14. Please welcome our new Tylar elf! We hope you're enjoying your time here so far. Have fun on your trial! Thok Rocket ----- Tylar (Trial Member)
  15. myyah

    looking forward to being a part of your clan :) Myyah

    1. Wizanthony


      Hi if you would like to post an introduction that would be great have a read of this and see what you think. https://forums.soa-rs.com/topic/23212-introduction-thread-template/


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    Runecrafting Comp
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    Divination Comp
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    Fishing Comp
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    Thieving Comp
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    Slayer Comp
    • Bennybear
    • SMJ

    OMG 5 Dec 1990? MEE TOOOO. Happy birthday a little late, birthday sharing person! :)

  21. A tad late - thanks everyone. Good to be hear.
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