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    • LadyRarity1


      No internet for a little while so I can't log in. :c
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    • Nymerin

      Nymerin  »  God vs Devil

      Happee Birthdae!!

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    • RunBoyRun7


      The first time I had ever heard about Runescape was when I was in middle school. My friends played it together, but I never became involved because it sounded like such a silly, and boring, game. Now I've been sucked into reading about the differences between RS3 and OSRS. So, I decided, as of today, I will be playing both to see what I think about the issue.
      Voila! My OSRS character!

      Boy, the combat style sure is different in this game. To be honest, so far I think I prefer RS3's combat style. Give it time though, and my opinion may change.

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    • RunBoyRun7


      Read my latest adventure - Stolen Hearts, Part I

      Stolen Hearts, Part II coming soon!
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    • RunBoyRun7


      Finished three quests today to gain access to this city.
      Stories posted in the Creative Corner will be accessible within the next few days.

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