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    • Boss Shanks

      Boss Shanks

      Necro soon!
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    • Boss Shanks

      Boss Shanks

      Happy Birthday @bxtxbc !!
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    • jamesstan98


      get my baby back soon aftter being in storage 
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    • IMJuniper 74

      IMJuniper 74

      About your account/clan history:
      IMJuniper 74 Juniper 74 (osrs only) Current Skill Total: 2049 How long I have played RS: Since October 2022 Have you ever been involved in any RuneScape rule breaking? (If yes, please explain when and what happened): NA Clan History (Which clans have you been in before? What's the highest rank you held?): NA About you:
      What I like to do on RS (goals, interests, etc.): Skilling, Questing, Collecting Strange Rocks, Mysteries, Achievements, and favorite minigame:  BA What I dislike to do: Grinding and sometimes combat but I am getting better at it. Jennifer, 48:  I started playing OSRS with my son and it has become an obsession.  I raised alpacas and llamas for 20 years b4 retiring and becoming a teacher for mostly grades 7-12.  I like to complete my Garmin challenges and read a lot cross genres.  I am 2/3 the way to completing the Gilmore Girls Reading Challenge.   My Motto: Think outside the box!  Recruitment Info:
      Where did you hear about SoA? RS Clan Chat - Looking for a clan Who do you know in SoA? New to RS3 so I am getting to know fellow RS3 players What is it about SoA that appeals to you? Love the activity and the positive attitude found in the clan chat, super helpful members.  Seems like a great bunch of people. CC Guidelines:
        Nae Saian Luume   Do you understand SoA's stance on respectful behaviour in the CC?  Yeah Have you read and do you understand the application process information below? Yes Do you agree to let us know when or if you change your display name in the future? Certainly In the clan we have a diverse group of people. There are different religions, political views, sexual orientations, etc. We like to keep discussions about these topics out of the CC to prevent drama. Can you agree with this? Absolutely If accepted, you'll become a trial member and get a mentor assigned to you. It's important that you return to the forums every now and then to stay in touch with your mentor. If you'll be away for a long period of time, we also appreciate it if you can let your mentor know. Are you able to do this? Yes --------------------------------  End of Templat
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    • Refreshment


      Come and give me a follow if you like to know when I will be live next on twitch   Search  notebooksrs
      Much love xo
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