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    • Raz7-r


      My name is Raz and this is my story  
      Huzzah fellow rogue elves! It is after a long journey that I am able to join your ranks. My tale is one of love and deceit; and it has changed my destiny forever. You see I am the nephew of Arianwyn, son of Dai Cadarn and I have been across all the lands of Gielinor.
      From the deserts of Kharidian to the swamps of Morytania and all the way back to the forests of Tirannwn and my home, Prifddinas. You see I was banished as a young elf, forced to live in exile to "learn to true meaning of godhood" or whatever my father was always going on about. You see the Gods had never appealed to me, I would have preferred Guthix just continue snoozin his life away and left us in peace. The followers of these ridiculous Gods sure have been fun to kill though. Dying for their Gods glory, what an honor I have bestowed upon them XD
      Anyways, before my travels could even begin, I was subjected to a fate of unthinkable proportions. You see my father decided that I needed to "see life through the eye of others" to learn this lesson of his and used his magical prowess to turn my physical form into something else entirely. When I awoke on the first morning of my journey, I realized what he had meant. I was now a human female. And so I was forced to travel all across the lands as an average human, learning to fight and fish and forage as a woman.
      In my travels I came across many devious foes and a few formidable friends. I did quests for anyone who needed my help and learned of the Gods my father always spoke of. I defeated their legions and brought their followers to their knees. All of this as someone I was not.
      Years later, I returned to my father to tell him of my travels and all the skill I had gained. But our home was abandoned. Any trace of our time there gone. I couldn't find any clues to what had happened or where he had gone. It was as if he had never been there. There was only one thing in the entire house. A parchment containing the instructions for a reversal spell. The very spell that would change me back into my original form.
      Now that I have returned to my home and reclaimed my identity as the son of Dai Cadarn, I intend to continue my journey and search for my father.
      I am happy to have comrades now who share in my love of roguish fun and adventure!
      - Raz
      Thank you for indulging my fantasy background for my RS character, I enjoyed coming up with the idea and appreciate anyone who has read this far!
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    • Meister Yuki

      Meister Yuki  »  Matthew Alan

      Happy Birthday!!!!
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