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Congratulations to the newest Arquendi of Events Team ~ Apazos and Dracolord800!!!!!!!!!!!


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We have a new Arquendi of the Events Team joining Staff today!

adele.pngDracolord800 and adele.pngApazos


On behalf of the Leadership team we wish you the best of luck in your new role!

We look forward to working with you!

Thank you for stepping up 


The staff & Leadership Team now looks like this: 


ontari.png Scotty (Scotty) (ISL)

Recruitment Team
eldar.png Princess Rae (Rae) (AUS)
eldar.png xp thirsty (Blaine) (USA)

  • adele.png Adiner (Mark) (USA)
  • adele.png Sparky Puppy (Dennis) (USA)

Tylar Team
eldar.png Plak (Jez) (UK)
lian.png Meister Yuki (Taylor) (USA)

  • adele.png MandyPandy (Mandy) (USA)
  • adele.pngI Zannah (James) (UK)
  • adele.pngTim (Tim) (US)

Events Team
eldar.png Firesteal918 (Raychel) (USA)
lian.png Holbytla (Hannah) (USA)

  • adele.png Wizanthony (Anthony) (UK) graphics
  • adele.png Elktz (Erica) (USA) skill competitions
  • adele.png Apazos (USA)
  • adele.png Dracolord800 (USA)
  • adele.png Guzma (Chuck) (USA)

eldar.png Boss Shanks (Chris) (USA)
lian.png DNA Rex (Xander) (USA)

  • adele.png Ekkreth (Dominique) (CAN)
  • adele.png Lincoln Lady (Jen) (UK)

eldar.png Applejuiceaj (Jeff) (USA)

  • admin.png Joey (Joey) - Hostmaster (USA) 
  • admin.png Roving (Martin) (UK) - Reserve admin (emergencies only)
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Congrats both and thanks for joining the #1 Team!! ^^ 

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Congrats to you both! Thank you for stepping up! 

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congratz to you both and thank you for stepping up :) 

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Apa and Draco thank you both for being willing to jump in and help. Looking forward to working with you both. 

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