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September 2023 Loyalty Promotions

Lincoln Lady

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September 2023

On behalf of the staff and leadership I want to congratulate these members on their loyalty to Spirits or Arianwyn! We are delighted to announce the promotions of...


athem.pngAthem - 6 Months Loyalty
athem.pngBaby Eagle
athem.pngLin Kuei
athem.pngSir Buster



sadron.pngSadron - 1 Year Loyalty

adele.pngEkkreth - Remain adele.pngArquendi
adele.pngI Zannah - Remain adele.pngArquendi
sadron.pngmein Holz
adele.pngSparky Puppy - Remain adele.pngArquendi






Our Loyalty Promotion Procedure Explained

Each month, we check the Master Historical list for those Members eligible for a promotion to Athem, Sadron,  Elendur & Voronwë. Those promotions are made on the first of every month.

You can find out more about about this on the Loyalty Rank Eligibility thread.

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image.png image.png

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Congrats everyone and thanks for your loyalty! It's been a pleasure to be here for the last year :D

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Wowza! Congrats to all!

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Congratulations all!!

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Congratulations everyone and thank you for the loyalty! 

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