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event Gregorovic Mass

snow melly

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Hey all!!!

I wanted to host a 1 hour all in Gregorovic mass, specially for players who haven't tried Greg or those who may have reaper tasks/getting marks of war etc

This will be a come and go when you like event, feel free to come 10 mins before the end! Also it may give a little break from the first hard core days of dxp! lol

Things to bring: Range or mage gear depending on preference also long melee weapons such as halberds, Anti-poison, Prayer renewal, Food, Attack type familiars (BoB if in need of extra food) YOU WILL NEED 80 PRAYER 

The Runescape wiki (click here) has some suggestions for what type of armour based on your attack style to wear. You do not need to have these items to participate!!

I would like to do this event Saturday the 7th of November at 8pm game time! We will meet in the desert at Nardah bank on world 116 =)

Saturday: 12pm Pac | 2pm Cen | 3pm Est | 8pm Game Time (20:00)
Sunday: 6am Aus QLD | 7am Aus East | 9am NZ


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Cool cool

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Oo I should be able to go! I need to dust the dust off my combat gear.

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I'm in for this!!

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Snow Melly
Don Massimo


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