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Found 5 results

  1. Guzma

    event ☠ Costume Contest ☠

    Halloween Costume Contest It's October! That time of the month were you can scare people and have a legit excuse to get away with it! I'm hosting a Costume Contest! Not just A contest, however... I bring to you one with Variety!! The Categories Most Authentic (a Traditional Halloween Representation - simple yet effective!) - The Scariest (Go all out and become as spooky as you can be!) Cosplay (Dress up like a character the best you can. Can be any character from anywhere!) The Abomination (Why did you leave the house looking like that???? Whyyyy????) Double Trouble (Partner up with a clannie and create a stunning image of you two!) Rules and Notes: Event Ends on Oct 31st. You CAN enter more than one category! Gp awarded to the top 3 players selected per category - First Place wins 3m. Second Place wins 2m. Third place wins 1m. (Double Trouble entries both win their individual prizes) First post, first serve! If someone posts themselves in your costume before you can, then their entry will be the one to count! Be not just spooky, but creative! Please be as descriptive as you can with your costume entries! But most importantly..... HAVE FUN!!!! Please don't forget to submit costumes HERE as well!
  2. Kingey

    event Sunday Weekly Cita Capping

    Welcome to the capping crew! This event allows you to complete your cap along with other clannies so that it won't be as boring as it it does when you're alone. We've all been there, capping on our own, no one to talk to, watching a movie for 2 hours and getting 80k BXP for all the time we spent. When you're capping with others, the gathering rate is increased, which makes it much faster altogether. There will also be 1 or 2 avatars present in the citadel who will provide the 3- or 6% XP boost for optimal gains! The event will take place on every Sunday, in the clan citadel at: am Pac | 5am Cen | 6am Est | 11am Game Time (11:00) | 9pm Aus QLD | 10pm Aus East | midnight NZ This event is hosted by Princess Rae
  3. *Pmod Initiative Weekly Event at which we help* Quick Find Code On RSOF: 42-43-608-65443810 No clan cape or vex at Town Square please When: Saturday Nights (US), Sunday Mornings (Aussie), Really Early Sunday Morning (UK/EU) Where: World 3, Varrock West Bank (but if there is a holiday event on, we might be there, so please ask) Time: 0:00 Game Time (01:00) | 10 am QLD Aust time This event consists of Pmods, Fmods and experienced players going into (f2p) to answer questions. You are all welcome to join in! There is a secret fc for regular helpers. Please ask about it if you plan to be helping regurlarly. Also I can add your name to the list of helpers on RSOF. Some tips for anyone who may wish to join in: Have your fav RS helpsite open for quickly looking things up, and be as helpful as you can. There's a lot that new players don't know. We are always helpful and respectful, no matter what. We never respond badly to taunts, flames. etc. If a Pmod mutes someone, we never say 'Owned' or anything like that. Remember there are aometimes a lot of reports happening and what you say there is likely to be caught in one. Report players then add to ignore if they are being a nuisance. Pmods will report and/or mute if it fits the guidelines. Be proactive in exposing scams and warning players. Phrases like "usually a scam' work well and counter many arguments. Keep the emphasis on being helpful to players and teaching people about safe, fun RS play. Wear a skill cape if you want for fun (people sometimes ask to see the emote for the member's only skills) We don't usually give away money or items at his particular event as it quickly gets out of hand and turns into that rather than a Q&A (unless we plan something for a special event). Remember that if you are in a cc or an fc, whatever you say in the cc or fc also goes in the report. (e.g. if you report a player for racist language and have said something bad in the cc/fc, the Jmods reading the report will see what you said in cc/fc as well. (be careful not to 'report' yourself as well! not that you would ever say anything bad of course! ) Set an example. You are part of the 'experienced players team'. Show new people that there are good, honest, helpful people out there. Do not wear Clan Items please! (we sometimes are flamed so don't want this spilling over into cc) Have fun! Please feel free to join us if you want. All welcome.
  4. Elktz

    event October Monthly Comp

    SoA Total Skill for October 2019 Winners will be for ... 1. Most total exp gained for the month 2. Most total levels gained Members (Tylar+) only sorry Link to skill competition: http://competitions.spiritsofarianwyn.com/viewcomp.php?compid=154 The start date is: 1st October 5pm Pac | 7pm Cen | 8pm Est | 12midnight Game Time (24:00 or 00:00) | 1am (next day) BST | 10am Aus East The end date is: 1st November 5pm Pac | 7pm Cen | 8pm Est | 12 midnight Game Time (24:00 or 00:00) | 1am (next day) CET | 10am Aus QLD | 11am Aus East Start and end times are Midnight Game Time (UTC) Remember, just towards the end you MUST log out of the game to let the high-scores grab your stats. All Tylar+ Elves (except retireds) are signed up already, but if you are not on the list please let us know in here or PM an events staff member. We may have missed you if you changed your name or were retired recently. If your stats are too small to register on high scores, please post a screenie of your starting stats in this thread. The person who gains the most total exp during the month is the winner! The person who gains the most total levels during the month is also a winner! Everyone who gains at least 50k exp in the month gets attendance credit. Couldn't be easier!
  5. Elktz

    event October Summoning Comp

    Skill of the Month: October Skill 1: Summoning The start date is: October 7 5am Pac | 7am Cen | 8am Est | 12 midday Game Time (12:00) | 1pm BST | 10pm Aus East The end date is: October 14 5am Pac | 7am Cen | 8am Est | 12 midday Game Time (12:00) | 1pm BST | 10pm Aus East Remember, just towards the end you MUST log out of the game to let the high-scores grab your stats. Please sign up below if you are taking part. If your stats are too small to register on high scores, please post in this thread with your starting stats. We only track EOC xp, not 2007. If you have 200mil xp, please post a pic of you doing the skill for attendance (and pm me to make sure I see it). The comp is open to guests+ (ranked in clan chat)! The person with level 99 who gains the most exp during the week is a winner! The person below level 99 who gains the most exp during the week is a winner! The person with the most levels gained is also a winner! Everyone who enters and gains at least 1k exp gets attendance credit. Couldn't be easier! We do allow ranked alts in the comp (must be in cc) but only one account per person. http://competitions.spiritsofarianwyn.com/viewcomp.php?compid=155
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