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Tylars Go! Gotta Spot 'em all! September 2017

Princess Rae

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September 2017

Tylars Go: Gotta Spot 'em All  is a recurring event running from the start to the end of every month
in which your objective is to spot as many Tylars as possible!

Simply post a screenshot in which you are spotting a Tylar in-game, and it will be added to your tally.
You can only spot a Tylar once. Please edit your post to include any new screenshots, as opposed to creating a new post.

At the end of the month, the tallies will be counted and the member(s) who spotted the most Tylars
over the course of the month will win a signature prize!

As always, anyone who participates at any point over the course of the month
will get an attendance point (both those spotted and those spotting). 


September 2017 Winners' Signature


Get Spotting!

And the September winner is ... Nymerin! Grats! 


Past Winners:
February 2017 - YGE
March 2017 - Wintrio
May 2017 - Princess Rae
June 2017 - Aglarion
July 2017 - Princess Rae
August 2017 - Eragon Wings

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This Month's Tally:

  • Kovu - 1 (SMJ)
  • Nymerin - 3 (Wombats, SMJ, Grandwestham) 
  • Princess Rae - 2 (Grandwestham, Zelique)
  • Psychojonas - 2 (Nymerin, Wombats) 

Tylars Go September 2017
 (for those who spot & also those who are spotted)  

  1. Grandwestham
  2. Kovu
  3. Nymerin
  4. Princess Rae
  5. Psychojonas
  6. SMJ
  7. Wombats
  8. Zelique
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Ok everyone, this month we gonna spot spot spot our Tylars !!!!!!  Don't forget Tylars, you can spot each other as well. I look forward to seeing all the spotting hehe  <3

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  1. Grandwestham
  2. Zeligue






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Nice spotting! :D 

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The Winner! 

  • Nymerin - 3 (Wombats, SMJ, Grandwestham) 



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