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SoA Comms: Clan Chat & Discord Setup Guides

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Spirits of Arianwyn

Clan Chat Rules & Guidelines

  • Follow all RuneScape rules as laid out upon registration of RuneScape accounts and readily available through www.runescape.com
  • Be respectful of others
  • Be sensible - avoid borderline rulebreaking such as avoiding the censor.
  • Athem and above can kick from cc, however ranks will only kick if absolutely necessary.
  • Number one rule of our cc: Have fun!


How to join the Clan Chat as a Guest

To join the Spirits of Arianwyn Clan Chat as a guest, follow these instructions.

Firstly, open the Clan Tab from your ribbon:


Then, in the Clan Tab, click the green circle in the bottom right-hand corner to navigate to the Guest Clan Chat interface:


On the Guest Clan Chat Interface, click the Join Chat button in the bottom left-hand corner:


Enter "Spirits of Arianwyn" in the text box:


And you're in! Once you're in the Clan Chat, there're are two ways to talk. You can either talk to us directly in the Guest Clan Chat tab of your interface, or by entering three slashes ( /// ) in your main chat interface.




Clan Chat Ranks

Below details our clan chat ranks, and what the ranks mean in our community.

If you are interested in detailed information about our Ranking Guidelines, please visit this thread.

eldar.png - Ontari / Eldar

An Elder or Ontari is equivalent to a clan leader. They are solely responsible for the welfare and safety of clan members. Each Eldar is responsible for specific departments within the clan, they oversee the management team (staff) and process application accepts and declines. A key duty of a leader is to be involved in the clan decision making process; making decisions for the greater good of the clan. An Ontari is a leader rank for Founders of the clan, they usually use this rank when they are in retirement or on a break.

lian.png - Lian

Lians are advisors to leadership and are counted as being part of the leadership team. Lians assist Eldars in overseeing departments and staff teams. Lians are basically co-leaders, they share responsibility with Eldars to ensure the clan is running smoothly and addressing any issues as they arise.

admin.png - Admin

An Admin is a member of the leadership team with the core responsibilities of administration in the clan. Most of the workload within the ranks guidelines includes technical / maintenance based work, but does not limit the rank from general leadership administration. This is not a promotional rank, and is only assigned to those who deal with the administrative side of our forums. Our current Admins are Applejuiceaj, Joey and Roving, and we thank them for their continued work and dedication to Spirits of Arianwyn. Admins hold the same rank as a Lian in the Clan Chat.

adele.png - Adele

Adele elves are previous Eldars that have decided to retire or step down from their roles in leadership. This could be due to IRL commitments, or retirement from RuneScape. They are awarded this rank if they served in leadership as an Eldar for 6 months or more. The Adele rank was reassigned for this role, as the meaning "Noble" seemed fitting for this new rank.

adele.png - Arquendi

Arquendi elves are the general staff of the clan. There are several different titles which indicate which team the member of staff is in and responsible for. They are ranked in CC, Forums and Discord as Coordinator and assist leadership in ensuring the clan is well maintained.

lady.png - Elendur

An Elendur elf is the highest loyalty rank available in Spirits of Arianwyn, signifying 3 years of loyalty to the clan. This is the most respected loyalty rank within our community. 

Avatar Warden

Avatar Wardens have the same permissions and rights as a Sadron. The only difference in the rank is that they have an Admin rank in the CC and have the ability to summon the clan's Avatars. They are either ranked as an Athem, Sadron or Elendur on our forums and Discord server.

sadron.png - Sadron Elf

A Sadron elf is a loyalty rank that members are given once they have been loyal to Spirits of Arianwyn for 1 year or more. This is a highly respected loyalty rank that shows dedication and commitment to the community.

athem.png - Athem Elf

An Athem elf is a loyalty rank that members are given once they have been loyal to Spirits of Arianwyn for 6 months or more. This rank is awarded for ongoing commitment and loyalty without retirement breaks.

myrth.png - Myrth Elf / Bael Elf

A Myrth Elf is a clan member that has passed their trial membership. Tylars are moved into this rank once they have passed a 1 month trial if they have 1300 overall level or above (1000 overall level for level 3 skillers).

A Bael Elf is a member of the clan that has retired from any loyalty rank. Even if a member is a Sadron Elf (for example), they are moved down to the lieutenant rank until they decide to unretire, and can then be moved back to their respective loyalty tier.

tylar.png - Tylar Elf

Tylar elves are trial members or members that have a skill level below 1300. Everyone is placed in this rank for a minimum of 1 month as part of our trial procedures. However, after a month if the member is below 1300 they are kept in this rank until that overall level is achieved. Tylars have almost the same access as Myrth Elves do.

thar.png - Clan Thar / Eligible Applicant

Clan Thar is an elvish translation for Clan Friend. This rank is purely for those that don't wish to apply officially however would still like to have access to our clan events and communications. Clan Thars often become full members over time.

An Eligible Applicant is someone that has passed their application eligibility date, as they have posted their introduction and waited the allocated referral time. Once they are an Eligible Applicant (Clan Thar) they have the permissions they require to post an application to join as a Tylar Elf.

guest.png - Clan Intro

An Intro is someone that has posted an introduction on our forums. This is a requirement to be invited into the clan chat. Once someone has been invited into the Clan Chat they are given a date, of which they can apply for membership in the clan. Once the date provided to them is met, they may post to become an Eligible Applicant.

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SoA Discord Server

SoA currently uses Discord as our voice communication service.  We have a guide on connecting to and getting set up with our Discord server here:


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