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Tier 7 Citadel Vex Spreadabout Recap!


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An outstanding turnout with over 30 members in attendance. We visited and planted our new vex's at...


Varrock Sq

Grand Exchange



White Wolf Mountain

Catherby Fishing

Catherby Bank

Seers Village

Magic Trees

Ardy Square

Ardy North Bank

Fishing Guild

Gnome Stronghold


Draynor Village

Then made our way to the BATTLEFIELD in the Citadel to try out our NEW Battlefield layout




Bara recorded most of it and Martin got some epic screenshots, was a great event. Good job on all the work put into Tier 7 guys, it's an epic achieving for us all as a community and family.

Tier 7 Citadel Gathering:

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We own so hardcoreeeeee!

This was me when I saw the sparklyness on our Vex:


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Tier 7! Congrats everyone and thanks for for all your hard work these past few months!! We did it!!

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Jolly well done chaps and chapesses. Take the night off and enjoy a glass of ginger beer, nobody need report for citadel duty until 11am tomorrow. :giggle:

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I had a great time , the march across R S was spectacular!!!! We so rule this land.

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Such a fun event. Diggy was the best on teamspeak though adopting a level 4 xD

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I forgot - fail :rant::weep:

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