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Saradomin GWD {RECAP}

Boss Shanks

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Wow thanks to everyone who happened to make it to this event. There was a reallllly high turnout of members that showed up, and it was lots of fun for all.

For those who don't have 70 agility; I advise that you get it as soon as possible!

Thanks again to everyone who happenened to make it to the event: Baraxil, Boss Shanks, Bunnykillall, Diggumup, IZephyrI, Josh1391, Larcenist, Lliebenau, Looseminded, Marcoletsgo, Msottement, Scotty, Sesquialtera, Steamys, Stuart C

Thanks for coming :D hope you all had a great time.

Carlos, you noob, dying before even getting inside:


SoA Pride!








Carlos this seems to be a trend for you:


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That was sooo much fun!

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That was really fun :) Shame Carlos had to go wearing like nothing but a cape and try to tank sara with no prayer though :(

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how many kills after I left was the sword? awesome event though!

It was awhile after you left I think (felt like it anyway). I was there until about 8 PM my time, the event technically started at 5:30, so about 2 and a half hours from start time to end time and we got the ss a few minutes before I left.

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It was fun. :) Thanks to those who came back and helped me grab my stuff when I lagged out! ;)

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