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F2P Hide 'n Seek[RECAP]

Boss Shanks

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Next event we had was a classic game of hide 'n seek! Who doesn't love to play that? Makes you feel like a 8 year old again, right?

Let's all just meet up in Varrock Square and figure out where to go from there


First Josh1391 decided to hide.

  1. Boss Shanks
  2. Hirashu
  3. Princess Rae
  4. Madeof Stone
  5. IZephyrI


Next Hirashu decided to hide.

  1. Boss Shanks
  2. Darkswordz24
  3. Madeof Stone
  4. IZephyrI
  5. Princess Rae
  6. Josh1391


Next, Princess Rae decided to hide.

  1. Boss Shanks
  2. IZephyrI
  3. Madeof Stone
  4. Hirashu
  5. Darkswordz24


Next, I (Boss Shanks) decided to hide.

  1. IZephyrI
  2. Madeof Stone
  3. Princess Rae
  4. Darkswordz24

I decided to plain in plain sight .. no one could find me, because I figure most people rely on the minimap, and everything was orange and clan dots are orange! IZephyrI walked right past me 2 or 3 times lol.



It seems that I'm a really good finder haha. But the event was fun over all, thanks to all those who came, to celebrate our second birthday through this event! Can you guess where everyone was hidden at?

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