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Herblore Habitat (RECAP)


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Was a GREAT turn-out, thank-you so much everybody for coming! Herb Habitat is kind of like a Skill 'n Chill event now that I think about it, definitely doing more in the future!

Take note of Rob and Kelly's position in this pic



John: Is it me or is that leprechaun following me...


John: OMG IT'S COMING AFTER ME@@@@@@ (pic is taken like 40 mins after the 1st one, Rob and Kelly still in same positions lol)



This is what it looks like when we bond with potential new clanmembers (look at chatbox)


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rofl nice pics guys. I didn't even realize I was running from a leprechaun :o
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I spent 8 hours there yesterday from 5:30 to 2:30

You're crazy!

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