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[AAA]Karaoke Competition - The Results!


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First, I want to thank everyone that participated. Singing in front of a whole community isn't an easy thing to do and we admire you for taking part in this event because of that. As we were so impressed we wanted everyone to walk away with *something* so I've created signatures that everyone can use to remember this excellent event.

Like any competition not everyone can be a winner - it has taken us so long to come to this final decision, but as you know a decision has to be made in the end. Congratulations on the above winners, we truly enjoyed listening to your entries. Also a huge congratulations to all of you that participated.

Official Rewards (say thanks to Rae!)

Rae will be in touch in regards to your rewards. This is because the first winner gets to pick what they'd prefer first, you'll then be contacted in order of who won being given the details of the remaining prizes. :)

Signature Rewards (for everyone!)



All of the entries

Entries / Participants

Submitted via thread:

  • Osk (mp3 audio track)see page 2, post #29 (Song: Jingle Bell Rock)
  • see attached file (in thread)

  • Sir EltonJ0hn (video) see page 3, post #44 (Song: Creep)

  • Scotty (video) see page 3, post#53 (Song: Heart Never Lies) -Not included in prizes / winnings

  • Rosebuster17 (video) see page 4, post #65 (Song: Always)

Performed on TeamSpeak LIVE:

  • SoA SKill / Adam#2 - Barbie Girl - First V!

  • Roving Fish /Martin2 - Tomorrow - BugsieMalone - Was good.

  • Roving Fish/ Martin3 - The Meek Shall Inherit - Little Shop of Horrors

  • Rae's Little Fly Song - with everyone joining in the raspberry part. not eligible for comp.


So that's it guys, thank you so much for taking part - we look forward to the next one! :)

Much love,

SoA Leadership

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Congrats to you all! :D

Defintely couldn't get me singing in front of you all , well deserved :p

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Congratulations to the winners!

You know how they always say it was tough to choose? Not lying. We had votes for each of first second third with several names in each!

We simply could not come to agreement on only 3, so that's how come we added a 4th.

There were votes for some who didn't end up getting any of the places of course. I think everyone had at least one person vote them for something, or very close to that.

It really was very, very difficult and that is due to your talent. Thank you soooo much everyone.

I really was blown away and really everyone is a winner for going into this and putting yourselves out there for this.

Can the 4 place winners please pm me and we'll work out whether you would prefer some RS goodies or some membership?)

Your selection of one of these:
  • Runescape wallet & RS mouse pad & SoA wrist band (need to provide mailing address)
  • Runescape pencil case & RS mouse pad & SoA wrist band (need to provide mailing address)
  • 30 day RuneScape membership card (no special items) (no mailing address needed)
  • (NOTE: If you don't want to provide a mailing address we can do the membership, so there is no requirement to provide this irl information)

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Grats! =D I wish I could've been on TS to listen to it all live! Well done :)

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Congrats to you all, those are all really good too!

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I was just listening to Baleion's again. Great stuff everyone! :up:

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Ahaha! Karaoke competitions are so much fun! I never sing in them cos my voice sucks and I only sing when I'm drunk lol. But congratulations to everyone who took part! Takes some bloody courage!

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Thank you all. And thank you Rae it means a lot. Congrats to all the winners

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Ahh, thankyou, it was great fun. =] Grats to the winners!

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