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SoA Survivor 16 Dec 2011 - Wilderness Exploration

Kitty Smith

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Got a great look around the new and updated wilderness, thanks Shango!

Some of my screenies - theyre pretty big so i hid them in spoiler tags x






A few of us survived the onslaught from the chaos elemental.. but not many



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Ty for joining in :D

Great to see this new wildy graphics and we all had a glorious death ;)




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I didnt have a glorious death, I am a girl, so I ran away from the chaos elemental and left you fellas to take the heat - while I slashed a web and teleported to ardy as fast as i could! :p

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Wildy looks so awesome now

EDIT: Makes me want to learn to pk or somethin haha

Edited by Boss Shanks
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