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Great Orb Project (RECAP)


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Thanks for coming guys, was a blast! :D Some of us had 4 games, others had 3 games, we all left with a nice amount of tokens in our pockets, feel free to post here saying what you plan on doing with them! :p






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love this game! just had a huuge hangover while playing so wasnt ready for too many games :p

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Yeah i did 4 rounds :)

To bad its completly destroyed by the bots, and you only can play this in an clan event nowadays.

I would love to do this all day or everyweek so any1 who needs some1 you can always count on me just leave me a msg.

It was great thx Baraxil (Carlos)!

Ehm im saving the points til i have enough for the pro clothes that gets you 2,5% more rc xp.

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yea such a shame i wasnt there,

So godslink just skype (for the rest: skypename "thealian1") me when we get enough ppl to go on

with gop

cheerz all


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