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Wrath of Zilyana (spur RECAP)


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Never seen a trip to Sara this dropless :p

It was hell haha, begging for a drop...each....kill....felt like we were there an eternity, we were there for like 4 hours or something, over 450 kills X.X

Nonetheless we had great company and we had lots of laughs, so it was great despite the annoying lack of drops! :p

Without further ado....The Wrath of Zilyana!

An innocent dragon dagger, we thought it was cute, but we had no idea what was in store for us...


Waiting for the next spawn while talking about....balls, yes, balls.


Three hours after starting the trip we became desperate for a drop, so we chanted for one....Guess what? We got a drop! :D Oh wait... :(111120023520.png

I got my first drop that trip, after three and a half hours, I was so happy :)111120025051.png

I was so excited I took two screenshots!


And now for the highlight of our trip, our only drop! WOOOO


Thanks for coming XD It was fun! We suffered together :p

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Sometimes bossing sucks lol.

But at least we kept the laughs going :D.

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we laughed so hard, it was fun

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It was...brutal, but at least we had good company!

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Haha yeah, never been so happy to get a shard drop after those 2 dagger splits.

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Looks like you all had fun (even with crap drops). :)

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