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Runecrafting Competition Winners!


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for winning the Runecrafting Competition with an amazing




Also a huge congrats to

Pamanama with 429,466xp and

Crazee Cat with 355,140xp!


:grats: also to

Pamanama, Avengedarth, and Lord Saren for tying for most levels gained with 3 levels each!

Great job, everyone!

:ele: :ele: :ele: :ele: :ele: :ele: :ele: :ele: :ele: :ele: :ele: :ele: :ele: :ele: :ele:

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congrats to you all

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1m rc exp in a week? Devinchi, I think you are an Honorary crazyperson laugh1_Aiwan.gif

Grats to everyone and Pam, see - you caught me easily!

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Congratulations, everyone!

I think I did pretty good. Considering aside from the Wicked Hood daily I never actually Runecrafted, laugh1_Aiwan.gif.

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Congrats to you all! :) Wow Devinchi, you cannot be human you must be an alien cause no human would get that much rc xp in a week! :p

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Woo thanks, it was mostly thanks to assists, a ton of penguin points, troll invasion, and the rest was zmi. :D

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Looks like someone unleashed the beast of RC from within them ;) Congrats everybody!

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