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September Overall Competition Winners!


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for winning the September Overall XP Competition with 36,741,857xp!!!


and Tendersager

for gaining the most levels with an incredible 181 levels this month!!!


Also well done to MarieStarr and Amaya Chi with ~25 Million xp each, and to Baleion1 (88 levels) and Sparc Menno (58 levels). Great job everyone!


The full competition can be seen here:


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7th? Hey, I'll take it.

Congratulations, Carlos and Diane, and good work everyone else!

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Congrats to all! But I'll win next time ;).

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Crazy amounts of levels and exp laugh1_Aiwan.gif Grats to you all!

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OMG 36M XP, that is insane XD I need to go out more laugh1_Aiwan.gif hahahahaha, congrats everybody :) I'll take it easy this month ^^

.....Or not ;)

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Congrats to all of you! :)

I normally get around 10m a month, I got 14m this month which is above average and finished 6th so you guys are really making these overall comps tough. Good fun and good competition :)

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