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MQ gets 99 defence and Hp or is it Hp and then defence?


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I should have known that this party would not go off without a hitch...

SOA and it's guests found themselves waiting for MQ 10 minutes after the start of his own party...

(insert picture of disgruntled members waiting for their host)

Once MQ made his way to the party he started killing his fellow Man level-3 to show his superior defensive tactics.


All of the elves and all of their friends were so happy to be apart of this display of superior (s)killing.


Those rebel elves then decided to see the trainer of combat to show off MQ's superior defensive skill. Unfortunately for him the trainer said he was not that great, and thus not give him the accomplishment of a cape.

(Insert witty picture of MQ being called a fail)

Realizing what mq did he decided to go to the duel arena to prove his trainer wrong.

On the way there he talked to the medic who complimented him on his superior health. He in fact was so healthy she sold him her cape to show everyone how healthy he really was.

MQ however was still oh so mad and decided to take out on the princess named rae.


There he realized he was a master after defeating the only person in the world with a scary wooden spoon.

He later went back and begged his trainer for the cape of accomplishment knowing that there is nothing on runescape scarier to fight then the princess named rae.

Taking into consideration his victor over the princess his trainer willingly sold MQ his cape for only 99,000 gp's.


All of the elves that survived the day celebrated his triumph with fanfare and confetti.


I just liked this picture hehehe


^ That made absolutely no sense, but who doesn't like filler?

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Hehe, it was a lot of fun. Glad I could make it! :)

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cool story bro! :up:

Yeah it was pretty funny when MQ was trying to buy his cape and we couldn't work out why he couldn't.

(We were on TS at the time).

So in a nutshell: thought he was getting 99 def first but accidently got 99 HP (constitution) and then tried to buy the def cape. Failed. :) Went to duel arena, bought the const cape, did some duelling, got 99 def and 131 combat, and then went back to Lumby to buy the def cape!

Now I think MQ had definitly outdone me with the accidental 99s!

Here's a pic of what REALLY happened:


and here's one of MQ thinking he is sooooo good now (walking on air)


and here's one just for fun.


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grats on the 99s =o, keep it up

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Thomas so sorry I missed it my friend, the rain has finally let up and well.....I has to work....You know I would have been there.

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Best recap ever. :D Congrats!!!!! Sorry we couldn't be there.

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