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Recap: Apple's 99 x2 party!


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So earlier I got 99 fishing and 99 cooking!

My screenies during the event as well as the video I was taking both glitched out :( but a friend let me have a few of hers for it.



And now some taken afterwards...




Btw, please do check the Attendance thread, it was really busy so dunno if I got everyone who was there. Thanks! :D

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w000000000t!! grats man! sorry wasn't there, was playing basketball and forgot :( but huge grats

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Well done Jeff!!!

Looks like a great party - sorry the pics didn't work out.

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Congrats, Jeff! Sorry I wasn't able to make it... :/

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Darn I was about 15mins to late. Great job.

Now get back to the kitchen. I want Shrimp/Pie.

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Nowai, laugh1_Aiwan.gif. :p

Another nice one that one of my friends took and sent to me:


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