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RECAP: Elf Total skill comp for April

Princess Rae

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Elf Total skill for April


1. Most total exp gained for the month

2. Most total levels gained


Link to competition - click here!


The winner for total exp gain!

Disturbed Ay (gained 25,857,180 exp)

2nd was Downgoesha(Down2skills) (gained 20,762,110)

3rd was Tyro317 (gained 15,945,779 exp)

4th was ObviouslyAlk (gained 12,908,448 exp)


The winner for total level gain!

Miserable (gained 560!!!!!! levels!)

2nd was ObviouslyAlk (gained 80 levels)

3rd was a tie between MexicanSwat and Disturbed Ay (63 total levels each)


Please note: If you change your name mind-comp, the stats on RuneTracker revert to zero. If we don't have information on your gains, we are unable to count those, sorry.

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Congrats to all who participated. :)

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Grats disturbed! Well done everyone!

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Archiving the events thread now, so if there are any discrepancies post them here since Archived Events threads are locked. Thanks. :)

Congratulations to all that participated and got their attendance credit (and to the winners too, of course).

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wow that is amazing. relax on the xp dudes :D

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