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Recruitment march.


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  1. Applejuiceaj
  2. Blademast26
  3. Dinty
  4. Gravella
  5. Insanelybear
  6. lil Mal0
  7. Marcoletsgo
  8. Masterquest
  9. Mr Scoff
  10. Mrs Scoff
  11. Princess Rae
  12. Roving Fish
  13. Scottyo
  14. Seemgain007

(please post if you were missed off attendance - sorry)


Awesome, we recruited 3 people into SoA on our travels and by looking at the forums after our event we had an additional 13 guests, will be interesting to see waht the analytics report says after today. Thank you to all that came, really appreciate those that stayed up a little later than usual or got up earlier than usual to attend. <3

I apologise if I didn't manage to respond to everyone, was receiving a lot of PMS and trying to keep up with teamspeak while leading the march! ^.^












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It was fun. Hopefully marco has a video =P Mine wasn't recorded correctly.

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I only got this, mostly because I was there right at the beginning and right at the end.


It definitely was fun, and welcome to those new to the clan who we picked up during the march! ^^

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Looks. Great! And nice flags you lot got :) welcome to those who were recruited and thanks to those who attended!

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I can't believe I missed this great event! :(

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