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Skill and Chill Piscatoris


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Skill and Chill in Piscatoris/Fishing Frenzy Recap!

People had lots of fun showing off our new clan colors!

And we had a surprise visitor -- Mod Cocoa!!!!

110416000954.png(Mod Cocoa = bottom right)



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I only got one...had a second but took a screenshot over it and messed it up. >.<


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fun random event :teehee:

Had a visit from the cat dictator that demanded his elves to fish for his stomach :o


get it? 'random' event, with a cat that demanded fish? like the random event? haha... oh so corney :pinch:

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:yes: was a good time. Those whom were there, can attest to this.. mod cocoa was very very accomidating and friendly. very nice jagex mode to be around. He even went outside colony to meet one of our own soa members whom could not get in, due to lack of questing gumption..laugh1_Aiwan.gif ( i wont say any names ....laugh1_Aiwan.gif) YOU know whom you are..laugh1_Aiwan.gif

the screenie of the quote... "your cape looks pretty epic" says it all.

So yeh j modf asside. was fun.. thnkxs all :up:

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We had a skill n chill organised at Monks, and we were all lined up to get a pic and in popped Mod Cocoa (the bot-busting guy).

He had a nice chat to us in game while checking out those fishing to see who was botting.




Then I asked nicely if he had time to come outside to see bear, and he did!



Goin stood on his toes ... so rude! :giggle:


He said he has an awesome bot busting outfit!




He said something for us: Spirits of Arianwyn - awesome rebel elves!


He couldn't stay long of course. Had more bot busting to do





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and nice one Mal, about the cat :p

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I've never seen a Jagex Mod :o I'm glad they try to limit botting a little bit:)

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Oh, this is lovely. I know Mod Cocoa, really nice one. Too bad I wasn't there. Glad you caught some epic screenshots! ^_^

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Seems like you guys had some fun, and a nice surprise guest

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