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Holiday DEXP Live Comp Recap!


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 301383957751136256.webp?size=96&quality= With the conclusion of the Giving of many Thanks and the start of the Festive Season, let just rejoice in the results of the Holiday DEXP Live Comp! 1180057000164470784.gif?size=96&quality=

Congratulations to the Top 10 of the July/August DEXP Live Comp! ūüŹÜ¬†
@Kimmi @MAS0N JAR @Holbytla @DR MED @Darogan 
@Funk Step @Lozhan @mr starmo @R Stark @Fexo


And a special shoutout to @ManicTitan for having gained the most total levels, being 717! 


You all did fantastic!! 

Combined, the clan achieved a total of 5,409,620,770 XP! 1014365368178970624.webp?size=96&quality
The average clanmate gained approximately 25,278,602 XP! 
And the total skill levels gained are 3,672! 410226025906044928.webp?size=96&quality=

Super impressive feats brought on by the entire clan!!
Thank you all for a fun time of DEXP and being a part of SoA! 716673779459293272.gif?size=96&quality=l

Interested in more stats? 
Check them out here! 


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WOW!!! Way to go everyone!!!

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Nice going all

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thank you to everyone at the sncs and in the cc who made this event more bearable lol and huge grats to everyone for the great gains!

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