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Brimhaven Agility Recap


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Thanks to everyone who came and dodged the darts, got sliced by blades, and fell into pits of spikes!





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Looked like alot of fun. Unfortunately i couldn't attend, even if I could've i wouldn't have had the required Agility level, :(.

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The required agility level was 1, Justin. You only need 40 for the higher level obstacles. Hopefully you can come to the next one!

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I missed a great photo-op, Rae and I did simultaneous Matrix dart dodges going in opposite directions. Gotta get quicker on my reflexes!

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Thanks so much for the event Erica and the great recap <3

and there is NOTHING dodgy going on in this pic of Erica and I, I swear!


Geez you turn your back for ONE second and Andy leaps .... scheesh !!!!


ARGH! STOP PUSHING!!!! .... *mutters*


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