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On your mark, get set, GO! [Recap]


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Run Run as fast as you can!


This was fun fun! Everyone put in a good effort, some had trouble with lag and others pulled ahead to race to the finish! Everyone was thowing out updates in the cc and a few nice elves kept me company while we watched for the winner to appear.

We started in Varrock city center and on GO....everyone took off. I tried to keep up to take some picture but I quickly fell behind.


Not sure where Erica was going....... :teehee:


found out later she was having some nasty lag...poor thing

Andy, Martin, and Muo keeping me company while I waited on the racers :)


Rae hitching a ride from Lefty


Aero Wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ObviouslyAlk was a close second place. Lefty was the early favorite to win....but got caught up in a maze of some sort. :ermm: But, pretty soon everyone started to arrive and celebrate. There was much discussion about which shortcuts were allowed. Andy taking a glider was definitely NOT allowed hehe :no:


But where was Rae?


Ut oh....


And finally a little bunny hopped into view...


Thank you to all who participated. :D I had a lot of fun and I hope you all did as well!!

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Zezima has logged in!@!#@#@!#@ Event was fun though, even though i took like 3 wrong turns. laugh1_Aiwan.gif:(

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great event lets do it agian sometime, mobilising armies to varrock this time

gotta defend my title ^^

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Glad everyone had fun! I will be pm'ing you your award tag Aero :)

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loooool this was an awesome event and yeah I managed to get lost and I wasn't even in the wildy.

Took me a while to get around to loading pics but here's a cute one from the start.

I call it ...

Birdy birdy birdy


Dinty that is an AWESOME recap <3

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