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August 2023 Attendance Medals and Awards!


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For winning the most events attended award by showing up to 31

different events last month! WOW!!



Great job!


And well done to all the other attendees! Clan members showed up a total of 1178 times at 59 events this month!

The 2nd and 3rd place winners are :

@Noila (29), and @Matthw (16)

Thank you for your participation!

These signatures can be copy & pasted to your forum signature block






sadron.pngCas Anvar
myrth.pngLin Kuei



200.png 200.png adele.pngEkkreth
250.png 250.png athem.pngDracolord800
300.png 300.png bael.pngRoelio
350.png 350.png adele.pngAdiner
image.png image.png elendur.pngFeldric
image.png image.png voronwe.pngChatters
image.png image.png lian.pngHolbytla

The full list of all events and attendees can be seen here:


The first place winners will receive a signature they can display in their posts or profile!

Other events related awards can be found here.


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Great job to all! Thanks for attending our events!

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Congratulations all!!!

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What a great effort Draco! 

Congratulations all and thank you! 

Thanks also to the events team and all those who provide events 

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