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July/August DEXP Live Comp Results Recap!


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:necromancy: Many now having their ghostly inks dry and candles flicker in the rite of Necromancy, let us now pause to reflect upon the outcomes of the DEXP Live Comp which concluded with the spooky skill release! 

Congratulations to the Top 10 of the July/August DEXP Live Comp! ūüŹÜ¬†
@Kitty Smith @Trivialize @Fexo @CryptSniffer @Boltonbear 
@R Stark @Eizix @K0NVlCTED @Minikillers @Harod Uthgar


And a special shoutout to @U Ded BicBoi for having gained the most total levels, being 455! 


You all did fantastic!! 

Combined, the clan achieved a total of 3,437,587,901 XP! 1014365368178970624.webp?size=96&quality
The average clanmate gained approximately 14,817,189 XP! 
And the total skill levels gained are 2,239! 410226025906044928.webp?size=96&quality=

Super impressive feats brought on by the entire clan!!
Thank you all for a fun time of DEXP and being a part of SoA! 716673779459293272.gif?size=96&quality=l

Interested in more stats? 
Check them out here! 

It has come to my attention that Rasial - 
May have tampered with the SoA Tracker during the competition, in which some players EXP records were not properly recorded for the duration of the competition!
For a 'potentially' more updated list of Players Experience gained during DEXP, please click here and select the Double XP option towards the top left!
May @Livid Fool and @Kimmi share the spotlight with the top ten!

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Congrats everyone!! My name didn't even register on runepixels for some reason¬†ūü§£

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Grats everyone! <3


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Wow ! Well done on all the gains!!!

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Congratulations all :)  :clap:

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