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Recap - Spirits of Arianwyn Word Search!


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Spirits of Arianwyn Word Search!

This edition brought to you @RaspberryTea and @Guzma!

Congratulations to @Firesteal918 for winning First Place in the Spirits of Arianwyn Word Search event with an impressive time of 137 seconds!

We also have a BIG shoutout to @John Urban and @Adiner for tying for Second Place with a time of 142 seconds!
suZ92qD.png VS 0O9Swsq.png

@Lin Kuei also did an excellent job with a time of 187 seconds, solidifying Third Place!

Your prizes will be delivered to you at the earliest convenience! ^>^


A very special thank you to all the clanmates who participated in this event and made it such a success!
Your enthusiasm and dedication to the clan are greatly appreciated!
We hope you had fun and enjoyed testing your skills with the word search! Keep up the great work, and we look forward to seeing you at our next event!

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This sure was a fun one not only to create but play and race for times!! Hopefully we can do more of these in the future! Thank you to everyone for playing!

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Congrats to all

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Really enjoyed this one! 

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This was fun, congratulations everyone! :D

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This was so much fun! I haven't done word searches for a long time, glad to dust off the cobwebs a bit.

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Something different! 

Grats all! 

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