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Halloween Trivia - Recap!

Princess Rae

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Halloween Trivia - Recap

Happy Jack O Lantern GIF

This is how it worked ...

Starting in clan chat in game just after reset Monday at  00.15 game time

  • Anyone who is ranked in the clan chat can participate
  • Everyone who gives an answer gets attendance (jokey answers are fine) 
  • There will be10 questions.
  • The winner of each question is the first one to answer correctly
  • Answers must be spelt correctly
  • The one who gets the most correct answers wins!
  • In the event of a tie, I have tie-breaker questions
  • Winner in cc gets 10mil gp, for the fun of it. 
  • After the cc event, questions will be posted in here and those who missed it will have 24 hours to participate for fun and attendance

The Questions are here in the original topic for you to join in for fun and attendance - you have 24 hours! (ish, or when I get here to close it after 24 :D) 


Halloween Trivia in cc!

Q1. What colour is this year’s new H’ween mask? Winner of this point: LorofD70 

Q2. Which SoA Member's name is very spooky? (Open ended question. Will accept any Clannies name that fits) Winner of this point: Boss Shanks

Q3: What is another name for Halloween? Winner of this point: Poacher Jen

Q4. Which holiday surpasses Halloween in annual consumer sales. Winner of this point: Poacher Jen

Q5. What was The Munsters' address? Winner of this point: Apazos

Q6. In RS which year was Count Yakula’s Yak Track released? Winner of this point: Boss Shanks

Q7. In RS which year was Eek the spider released in a h’ween event? Winner of this point: Fire Wizard

Q8. In RS what does Eek the spider eat? Winner of this point: Apazos

Q9. What was dropped in RS in 2001 in the first H’ween event? Winner of this point: Adiner

Q10. In RS what is the name of Death’s dog? Winner of this point: Adiner

We then had a 4-way tie, with 3 people on 2 points each! 

Q11. In RS what was also a reward from the 2009 H’ween event Winner of this point: Apazos

Congratulations to the overall winner! @Apazos







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