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HCIM Challenge Recap!


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For two weeks, from 29 August to 11 September,
twenty-two competitors raced on brand-new free-to-play HCIM accounts.

Their goal? To advance as far as possible in a wide variety of categories,
all while observing the the restrictions of HCIM mode:
no trading, no Treasure Hunter, and--most importantly--
the risk that every move could be their last.

Our clannies not only fearlessly braved the danger, they achieved some pretty incredible feats!!

Before we go any further, let's congratulate our competitors:

2SoA2Quit (BossLady72)
A Sticky Nut (Kitty Smith)
CervinSlayer (SkrappyKoko)
DayJahVoo (Firesteal918)
DontRIPMeBro (Odd Salmon)
EvilRae (Princess Rae)
FetusMagic (KingstellX)
Fishy mush (DNA Rex)
Gladi-tater (SpudThumb)
Guzpa (Codycow)
HansterDance (Holbytla)
HCIM J 0 S H (J 0 s h)
Holbylta (Kavyamin)
IMandaI (MandyPandy)
Lincoln Lady (Poacher Jen)
Nooby Apa (Apazos)
SpilledMyTea (RaspberryTea)
Spyros HCIM (Spyro Remake)
Squishyplops (Kelger)
Stankpoppa (waggren)
Tess Tyckler (Lucifer Box)
Uhh I farted (Committed)

Together, they earned 22,667,135 XP, and gained a grand total of 8,415 levels!


Time to honor some truly outstanding, dare I say hardcore, achievements!

First, just to note, we had some really unbelievable RNG during this challenge.
Two different clannies got skilling pets on their HCIMs!
Poacher Jen earned Smithy, and Committed earned Gordie.
You lucky ducks!

Going into the challenge, participants were set a number of possible goals.
Some were one-time, awarded to the person who got there first;
others lasted the whole span of the competition.

Each of the following winners takes home 10m GP for each individual award!
In addition, the winners of
~ Funniest RSNFirst Death to Elvarg, and Highest Total XP ~
will receive special forum siggies, designed by Wizanthony!
Thanks, Ant!! :heart:

No matter what, every participant receives this one,
a token of thanks for joining our challenge, and a way to say, "I was there!"



Without further ado, the winners of the 3rd Annual HCIM Challenge!

:magic:Highest Level in a Combat Skill:magic:
KingstellX, with 54 Magic

:mining:Highest Level in a Gathering Skill:mining:
Poacher Jen, 76 Mining

:runecrafting:Highest Level in an Artisan Skill:runecrafting:
SkrappyKoko, 82 Runecrafting

:dungeoneering:Highest Level in Dungeoneering:dungeoneering:
Committed, 71 Dungeoneering

First to 70 in Any Skill
SkrappyKoko, Runecrafting

First to Complete the Lumbridge and Draynor Tasks

First to Die to Elvarg

Winner of the Funniest RSN Vote
Kitty Smith, for "A Sticky Nut"

Highest Total XP
Committed, with 3,315,335 XP

Phenomenal work, everyone :love: Please see me for your prizes.

Congrats again to all, and thanks for playing!
See you next year--and til then, try to stay alive. ;) 

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Congrats everyone! :D

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Congrats everyone!!! And thank you Hannah for hosting the comp!!! Looking forward to next years!

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Congrats everyone!!  I can't wait for next year's HCIM challenge :yay:


and thank you Hannah for a great competition and super fun challenge :love:

Edited by BossLady72
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Congratz to everyone who took part
and thx to Hannah for hosting a well run event :) 

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Well done everyone, and congrats to my fellow champions!

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Congrats to all! Looks like you all had fun!

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1013274807623761970.webp?size=128&qualit   Congratulations everyone! It was a lot of fun   1013274807623761970.webp?size=128&qualit

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