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The 1st Annual Wilderness Hunger Games~


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Thanks so much @Adiner @Boss Shanks @Brimes @Committed @Firesteal918 @Hurkules1 @LethalLT @MandyPandy & @xp thirsty for attending the first annual Wilderness Hunger Games!

We had a blast on Discord!


The Tributes gathered at the Wilderness Lodestone for the countdown.



When the countdown ended, the Tributes scattered in different directions of the Wilderness. The cannon fired in the first couple minutes when @MandyPandy died to dragons. @Kristi died to abyssal demons trying to find a hiding place. @xp thirsty killed @LethalLT but @xp thirsty succumbed to injuries when the volcano smacked him. @Committed slaughtered @Firesteal918 in an epic battle.

@Brimes destroyed @Adiner


@Committed was weakened from demon hordes and previous battles that @Brimes was able to finish him


Meanwhile... @Boss Shanks is hiding in level 2 Wilderness while everyone else is getting murdered by other Tributes


The final showdown takes place in level 2 Wilderness. @Brimes who is heavily wounded against a clever at hiding @Boss Shanks. @Boss Shanks ends @Brimes becoming the Winning Tribute!


Happy Hunger Games. Congrats to @Boss Shanks for winning the 25M~

See the source image

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Was a good time, would’ve loved to have been in discord for it lol, maybe next time! :D

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That was so fun! Thanks Kristi for putting this together!

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That was a fun event!!1

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I'm glad y'all enjoyed it. It was a hoot. Excited to host it again sometime!

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Would love to come to another of these in future!! ^^ Looks amazing!

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:p mean ol' dragons. 

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