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Newsletter RS/Bossing Questionaire Event RECAP!

Meister Yuki

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RECAP  Questions:
(Hint read all questions then go to newsletter, Ill tally up points at the end just for fun)
(I will also give 3 points for first post, 2 for second and 1 for third)

Who is the boss that drops Fractured Armadyl Symbol drop?

Who is the boss that drops Whisper of Saradomin drop?

Who is the boss that drops Armadyl Fractured Shaft drop?

Who is the boss that drops Zamorak Hilt drop?

What is Oreb, the Magister of House Charron and is he a slayer boss?

Last question, can you name three major deities in runescape?

Bonus question for all questions: What persons/peoples in the newsletter got the drops above?
(Hint: it can be a different person each time)

> Link to Original Event <


Amyntaz Zoe =  10

BossLady =  9

Boss Shanks =  7

Firesteal918 = 7

DNA Rex = 7

SarahLouTime = 2 for attempting.

ANSWERS IN SPOILER, #6 question is a long list of possible answers so everyone got that one right. I did look at everyone answers :D  Thank you everyone for participating in this fun event!


1. Kerapac (Erehk)
2. Commander Zilyana (Firesteal918)
3. Kerapac (Codycow)
4. K'ril Tsutsaroth (Firesteal918)
5. A Necromancer and yes, he is a slayer boss.
6. Armadyl, Saradomin, Zamorak ( these were three I was looking for, however this is a long list, if you listed a god you still got a point.)
Bonus : Names of clan mates next to answered questions. 


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Thanks for this....it was fun!! :star:

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Grats Amyntaz Zoe! :D 

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