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HCIM Challenge Recap!


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The 2021 Hardcore Ironman Challenge has concluded!

I want to thank everyone who joined in for making it an absolute blast. I was especially proud this time around of all the people who worked together and shared guides, skilling methods, and general tips with each other, and encouraged one another through the competition!

This year added some interesting hiccups to the format! The beach was active for the first week, allowing competitors to bypass grinds that are otherwise quite tedious on F2P Ironman accounts, such as Cooking or Dungeoneering. Then, DXP Live kicked in halfway through, and while some opted to throw in the towel and return to their mains, others kept up the grind and achieved some pretty remarkable things!

There were, of course, tragedies as well as victories. Let's honor the dead:
@Firesteal918, as IronessPrime, fell to a wight before her time. :sad:
@Committed died yet again to Elvarg, the terror of Crandor;
no comment on the suitability of his iron's RSN to his mode of death. ;) 

Now, to happier news!
The categories and win conditions this year were as follows:
-First account to completion of all free-to-play quests
-First account to a broadcasted death
-Account with the highest skill total at the end of the competition

The winner of each category has received a Bond for their achievement,
and will also be awarded a custom signature courtesy of eldar.pngWizanthony!

Without further ado, the winners:

As though there was any doubt they're a lorehound, through and through:
First to all F2P quests@Mint Blubber!!


He may have died to one, but he's no chicken:
First to a broadcasted death@Recaltotal

Proof that hard work can get you anywhere, last but certainly not least:
The highest skill total at the end of the competition@squiggle12!!

Thanks once again to all who participated!! See you next time..... ;) 

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That was a great competition!! Congrats to all the winners and to all who participated!!

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Congratz to all the winners, and well played to all the participants :)

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Congrats to our winners! I really enjoyed returning to the lower levels and being scared by everything trying to kill me. :laugh:

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Well done winners, and thank you for hosting!

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Well done everyone!

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Congratulations all and commiserations to the ones who were out early :D  

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Congrats all! Those signatures are super cool too!

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