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Disney Lyrics trivia Recap! - We have a winner!!!


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You all made me work really hard trying to trip you up with songs from Disney!!!

On top of the leaderboard the whole way were Nux, Holbytla, and Wizanthony!!

For the tiebreaker round: I came up with 10 lyrics and messed up the words. These 3 had to figure out the song name, the movie, and the character who sang it. 
Boy was it still close!!!

Here's what they were:
1. I've got no rings to hold me down, to make me a wedding gown.
2. Every burn I make, every time I look back, every math test I take, every road leads back?
3. Their tops are made of blubber and bottoms make of strings.
4. No one flicks for wax on, no one plays tricks for wax on. 
5. I shine my blue arrow, it's growing near-a.
6. Well now I'm feeling nasty, and I have to have my stew. I might just cook a batch and feed it just to you.
7. For the first time, I have feathers. I can put them in a can.
8. I'll show you, I'll walk with you to get some nice ice cream.
9. Well, all the babas had dirty sieves, share the part and a flower tail.
10. This is what you give me to work with. Well, honey, it's a curse. But I will take the sauce here and make it a little worse.


Even with those messed up lyrics, Nux and Wiz got EVERYTHING correct.....save for the singer of #4 - Gaston's song. The answer is LeFou (or LeFou and chorus).


The winner of Disney Lyrics Trivia 2021 is......


Here is this beautiful signature that Wizanthony created for this event!!


Thank you to everyone that participated!! I had so much fun with this event and hope you did too!!!


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Congrats! I clearly need to watch more Disney lol

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Oh gosh! Congrats to Nux and Ant as well, y'all made this *such* a close challenge!! <3 

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Congratzz Hannah :) and well done Nux !!! 


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I love this idea. Congrats Hannah and well done to Nux and Ant!

Also, cool signature award! Love it @Wizanthony The weekly Disney theme website banners were cute too!

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