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Recap - Great Gielinor Run


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Thank you to all who attended The Great Gielinor Run!
We had an absolute BLAST racing across the continent.

Now, to recognize just a few notable racers:

In first place, winning the whole event (even with a computer crash in the middle!): Kluftstaub!!!

And in last place, though certainly not least, bringing up the end, we had a TIE!!
Congrats to xMYx and Lzy for this notable achievement ;) 

And finally, an extra special shoutout to Trilobyte for being an outstanding one-person search team,
going back after they finished the race to find people who got lost along the way.

Congrats to all! Please enjoy these special forum signatures, created by Wizanthony!






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Great run everyone!!!!

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It was a lot of fun!

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Tyty! Even with my adidas shoes on I’m still last, haha. Next time I’ll run barefoot instead :party:

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