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The vote for the first John - Results!

Princess Rae

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Well it's official. The clan has spoken. After a lot of fairly hilarious back and forth discussion, and much voting, it seems that John /Larcenist is in fact, John1.  Psychojonas John, shall henceforth be known as PJ. 

The Issue was as follows: 

So, now that he is back after a break, we promoted John/eldar.pngLarcenist to Eldar again, and now we have two Johns, with John/eldar.pngPsychojonas. It's confusing and I wanted to call them John1 and John2, but both claim to be the first John, sooooo let's hear their cases and you can help us decide. 

Here's why eldar.pngLarcenist (of the RT, or Recruitment Team) thinks he should be John1: 


But I was the first John! :p 

Here's why eldar.pngPsychojonas (of RES, or the Resources Team) thinks he should be John1: 


I'd settle for RJohn, because everyone would know that stands for RESJohn, not RTJohn 

Hannah did make a solid point here: 


Holbytla: I fully intend to vote for john as john1, and john as john2

Additional relevant information: 

  • eldar.pngPsychojonas: Joined as Tylar 24 March 2015; Promoted to Eldar of Resources 16 December 2017
  • eldar.pngLarcenist: Joined as Tylar 19 December 2010; Promoted to Eldar of Resources 01 February 2013
  • eldar.pngApplejuiceaj always mis-spells eldar.pngLarcenist's name as 'noob'
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Love this!!! 

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1 hour ago, Psychojonas said:



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OMG! Lured! 

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Don't worry @Psychojonas nobody actually calls me John1 anyway. The people that don't call me "John" either call me by my ign in some form or troll me with john2, john3, john5, and heck I even think john6. 

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