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Clue Scroll Face-Off... ULTIMATE EDITION - The Results!


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Heya everyone, last night was pretty awesome, from 1 clan member receiving 2 UNIQUES, 30+ people tuning in to watch the madness and 3 teams/6 members losing bank, I'm so glad it went well. The support was crazy and I'm so pleased people are excited to watch, take part and cheer their clan members on!

What's that? You liked the look of this event and wanted to take part?! There's good news! If you didn't join in this one, later on I'll be posting a thread asking for interest, team names and polls on what tier clues you'd like to see in that competition! Watch this space... ;) 

Congratulations to Charity and Mandy on winning this edition of Clue Scroll Face-Off - ULTIMATE EDITION, winning the night on 196,114,908 GP. Also a big congrats to Charity for getting not only 1 unique, but 2! Barrows Dye and Backstab Cape!

The combined amounts from the 3 losing teams totalled to an awesome 114,410,577 GP meaning both Charity and Mandy take away 57.2M GP EACH on top of their original winnings!

GkGaoqz.png uI5vFcJ.png

Z2HVgWs.png EMdq662.png


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oooh nice!

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Wow congrats Charity and Mandy!! That's a lot of clues :D

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Great event would do it again! Lets hope for a dye next time :D 

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wow that's a lot of clues and gp!

Grats Mandy and Charity! 

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