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Emoji Translate! The Recap.

Guest Kinneas

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Guest Kinneas

:tick:Emoji Translate! The Recap.:tick:

The weeks go by, and with it, another round of Emoji Translate! And it was a strange round, with a lot of preamble - which some of you may or may not have read - but that's made it all the more fun! Some of you named pokemon outside of Gen 1. Some of you named the same pokemon....Twice. And some of you answered with pokemon from the same evolutionary line for different answers...

Perhaps you didn't read the preamble. Perhaps you did but it was so long you forgot some of it. Who knows... And who really cares it's all a bit of fun... Right?

As the week progressed I felt the number of entrants was less than previous weeks - However 11 of you entered!

Of those 11; 5 landed perfect scores - including the bonus! 1 of you managed 0... Though I'm pretty sure @Lucifer Box has decided to just try and provided the funniest answers each week.

As always, let's look over a few highlights.... @Mr Xander Somehow managed to mistake a dog for a cat... Hmmm

@MellyLessi went above and beyond with his answers. Providing every possible Pokemon in the evolutionary line for each answer! 

And of course of very own @Lucifer Box with the stand out 'Pythonarus Theory' and the amazing 'Angry Lullaby Writer'! 


With all that said let's get into the answers!


1. Tauros

2. Chansey

3. Krabby/Kingler

4. Staryu/Starmie

5. Ekans/Arbok

6. Growlithe/Arcanine

7. Vulpix/Ninetales

8. Gastly/Haunter/Gengar

9. Exeggcute/Exeggutor

10. Lickitung

Bonus - Jigglypuff 


Round 5 Emojis;





Click Here

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Um excuse me. Number 10 is clearly gengar. 9k.pngFB_IMG_1586321900589.jpg

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Actually. They are all gengar


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I'm actually sad that I didnt do this last emoji translate. I had such good pictures for it. Oh well. Doing forum events isnt my forte. 

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1 minute ago, Kinneas said:

Oh. My. GOD. 


This. Is. AMAZING!! 

Its the best pokemon. 

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0! I got none of them? My entire pokyman knowledge went into that :o

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