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Halloween Costume Contest and Story Recaps!


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The Halloween Contest is finally over! 

Time to do a tally of the results! 

Firstly, congrats and thank you to each of you who participated! 

Let's start things off with - 
Most Authentic

(a Traditional Halloween Representation - simple yet effective!)

1. @olgamerbroad

The Bedsheet Ghost!


Who can forget that quest, right?!

2. @Zamandria

Bloody Hell!


It's almost like the Headless Horsemen!

3. @recaltotal

Good ol' Nostalgia!


I loved those old Halloween Events!


Now we move onto... 

The Scariest

(Go all out and become as spooky as you can be!)

1. @Zamandria

A Demonic Entrance!


Dunno if I'd want to toil around with that!


2. @Nanashi

Clowns, Anyone?!


She's smiling! Give her a chance!

3. @Wufaris

The Skull King


More Skulls for the Skull Throne!


Up Next! ...


(Dress up like a character the best you can. Can be any character from anywhere!)

1. @Lilly

Wait a minute... 


@Applejuiceaj Cosplay?! What a twist!

2. @olgamerbroad

That Divine Teacher!


She really looks the part! 

3. @Casombra

If Yelps were to cosplay as a human...

Casombra Halloween 2019- 5.jpg

This would probably be it!



Oh gosh here we go! Now for the most *cough* UGLY *cough* creative bunch!
The Abomination

(Why did you leave the house looking like that???? Whyyyy????)

1. @Mandypandy

Oh my stars... 


You'd be the one monster that just isn't cute, despite what the sing-a-long says!

2. @Princess Rae

Merry Hallow Christmasween!


That's what I see anyway!

3. @Eragon Wings



I don't even know what to make of this!

Just look at that face!

Double Trouble 

(Partner up with a clannie and create a stunning image of you two!)

No Contest! Yup! That's right! Guess everyone was too scared to enter this category! 

Thanks again for participating in what y'all did though!

Meet me up in-game to collect your winnings! 

olgamerbroad - 5m
Zamandria - 5m
MandyPandy - 3m
Lilly - 3m
Princess Rae - 2m
Nanashi - 2m
Eragon Wings - 1m
recaltotal - 1m
Wufaris - 1m
Casombra - 1m

Special thanks to @Lone1yW0lffor helping to fund the event! :)

Story Continuum!

Wonderful event !
While the first story wasn't finished, it was great to see it progress into what it did! 

All the Spookiness and Hilarity that came with it! 

Tagzma still survive though! Who will put a stop to his terror?! Perhaps someone in the future will succeed!

@Errorstatelwins the prize for being the last to post to the event! Contact me to receive it! 

Edited by Guzma
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Haha, very nice everyone! Love all the Halloween costumes, so creative! :D


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Awesome turn out guys =) Let's see what next year brings hehe

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16 hours ago, Wufaris said:

Gratz to all those who won! Those were some really good costumes especially @Nanashi very spooky!

fanks <3 


gratz all ^_^ 

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That was fun and grats to all the winners :D 

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good job guys

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