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Runescape 10th Anniversary Event


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~~~~~ Thank You for Attending ~~~~~

Dear Spirits of Arianwyn,

On behalf of RuneHQ, I would like to thank you and everyone who helped made this event a huge success.

It is events such as these which help tie great communities together, and we hope that we can do many more events together in the future!

Yours sincerely, The_Eggman

Hello Everyone!

RuneHQ is organising an Event for the 10th Anniversary of Runescape, and we're inviting other Runescape Fan-sites and Communities!

To Finalise our guestlist, the following are attending;

-Tip It

-RS Wiki

-RS Outreach

-Spirits of Arianwyn


We've finally decided a time which should be able to accommodate a wide variety of players. We are of course aware and very understanding that due to where we live in the world, some players will not be able to make it.

To summarise, the event will be Fist Of Guthix, which will be held in World 10 (F2P), at the time of 4pm Central / 5pm Eastern / 10pm GMT / 9am Sydney (16th Jan).

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@@@@@@@@@@@ Little bit of spam @@@@@@@@@@@@@@





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didnt make it. seemed like everyone had fun

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