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SOA Bot Busting Spree Recap


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SOA Bot Busting Spree Recap

Well we gathered at edge bank and traversed the world to which Moily found world 19. This was to be our finest hour we fought in Rune in d-hides and in mage gear. We fought those bots and the pkers that would tail us. 

We wandered though the mist of trees the ground gray with the bones of our ancestors long gone.  

Apllejuiceaj would turn up to report the living **** out of those bots and get pked for 2 pieces of Rune but not without a solid transcript from another player. 


What did you guys think would you like to have ago at this in the future? 

Attendance List

  • Applejuiceaj
  • Kinneas
  • KryptikViruz
  • Livid Fool
  • Moily
  • SD Tuvi
  • Theguyinred1
  • Wizanthony






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Loved the event. Really helped me to take mind off things.
But yeah, the main pkers were pretty pissed we killed their bots lol.

I'm definitely up for another round of this someday. The more people the more difficulties for the bots. >:)
Thanks for organising and hosting this event. Really enjoyed it.

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Guest Kinneas

Didn't really get to enjoy this fully as it clashed with IRL commitments, but when we killed the bots during the Halloween event (instead of each other) that was hella fun! Would certainly be up for doing this again! :D

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