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Battle to the Death! - Recap


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WINNER'S LIST (I'll pm you your awards soon!)

Zazzy won like a million times


Crazy Liam

Princess Rae



Ohhhhh this was so much fun! Thanks to everyone who came. It started off with us all waiting by the bank. A few of us in teamspeak started getting nervous seeing all the big scary titans and fancy armor.


So, Rae and Jacobblonde summoned their familiars to be a little more intimidating. And out came....the dreaded spirit graak and deadly granite lobster!


Zazzy, Brian (goinpsztl), and Robotnik started picking their first victims and singling them out with a dramatic point.........eeek!


Here is a view from where I spent most of the event.....spying from an orb after dying early on laugh1_Aiwan.gif


We all had a blast! :D Here are a few of the highlights....


Rae with her scary red skull after winning one of the rounds.


Liam getting owned by Kelly and I



Thanks to everyone who came, I had a lot of fun and hope you all did as well! :D

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I had a lot of fun, it was a blast! :D

Thank you for the event Dinty :D

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:woot: I personally, had one heck of a blast. This event Amber was a huge huge success. :up: For all those who did not attend, it lasted over an hour and a half, we just coudlnt get enough. It was just as much fun to get piled on from the get go, to winning in the end, it really made no differance. Participation was grand. People did seem like they enjoyed theirselves. :up: Look foreward to possibly doing this again in the future. Thanks so much :D Edited by Goinpsztl
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It was a lot of fun and I wish I could have stayed longer.

Thanks for the event. :)

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I think this was the first time I have actually enjoyed fight pits.

Thanks so much Amber and everyone


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