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July Agility Comp Winners


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for winning the Agility Competition

with an amazing 5,371,328 xp!





for winning the most xp for under level 99s with an impressive  1,084,810 xp!



Lynx37 and God vs Devil

for gaining the most levels

with 2 levels gained!



Great job!



And well done to all the other

participants! The clan

gained 15,480,688 xp and 5 levels!


The 2nd and 3rd place winners were:

Most xp level 99: Eragon Wings and Lucifer Box
Most xp under 99: Wrngwaypchfz and Reddog

Most levels: Reddog


The full list of participants is here:



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Congratulations Guys =)

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gratz everyone and April you got me running :P 

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Congrats everyone :) .

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Nice to see some friendly competition. :D  

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Grats everyone! :) 

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