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Phoenix Feather Plucking Spur


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7 May 2018

West of the Dominion tower.

We gathered tonight to pluck the phoenix. (Poor bald bird) We are a vicious lot. We had some fun while gathering Herby Supplies.






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Well  have to call PETA and the RSPCA as i think this is the highest case of animal abuse i have ever seen.......



Wanted in connection with the crimes related to animal abuse:

Plucking Phoenix Feathers while the animal was still alive.  


  • Described as the queen of spurs 
  • White Female
  • Red color in hair
  • Normally wearing sharmas outfit 
  • and has wings 


if you see this person please forward the details onto you local police station or visit the jail in Port Sarim. 

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Anthony!!!!!! You plucked more feathers than me!

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Glad you all had fun :D  

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