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Priff Water Balloon Fight Spur


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13 April 2018

Priff Water Balloon Fight

It happen, don't ask me how, but it happened. One minute I'm throwing water balloons at Eragon Wings, and the next moment WizAnthony shows up and throws a water balloon. Then Princess Rae, who one would think, would have shown up to put a stop to our shenanigans... But no... she starts throwing snowballs... Yes freaken SNOWBALLS , you did read that right. By then though it was complete chaos and many clannies joined in the shenanigans. Thank you I-Ieero for putting out a portable, so some skilling could be done. And thank you all for creating a game memory I will never forget.

Much Love,






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This was funny and original, thanks for the bath guys lol

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Was very fun and different :p 

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