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Belated Rewards?!


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During a recent update to the Attendance Master List, it turns out that a continuous count was kept only after October 2013. Over the past couple of days we've worked hard to include every clannies month count prior to October 2013 so that our AML is as accurate as it can be. 

A belated congratulations to those listed below!

g89R6r9.png QTvywe1.png


KQbyKI9.png EOtd8q4.png


iLluyhs.png 61PayGN.png

elendur.pngKitty Smith!

PBImwsF.png Y3WMNMj.png


TdeSzqG.png DGHZl0l.png

bael.pngBaraxil! adele.pngLarcenist!
elendur.pngQueen 2 All! admin.pngRoving!
ontari.pngScotty! adele.pngSesquialtera!

j8olsae.png 6ATBh1b.png

bael.pngAndygt4! sadron.pngI_Remember_l!
elendur.pngLucifer Box! elendur.pngMaxQ!

0TiEzVw.png ELrjkWH.png

elendur.pngB2A! bael.pngCalimie! bael.pngDarkswordz24!
bael.pngDinty! sadron.pngInjun Mikey! elendur.pngLordofd70!
elendur.pngMr Xander! elendur.pngM Q! bael.pngReita!

lDx4O31.png mI5TiX8.png

elendur.pngArrowrain! sadron.pngElveshbael.pngGovener!
bael.pngHarborseal1bael.pngl Josh l! elendur.pngSaint Aderes!
bael.pngSir B0hemianelendur.pngwhitemage265!

bTMYkg6.png 8HYsbkb.png

bael.pngAdam Knolly! bael.pngAviscowboy! bael.pngBobsonofbob! bael.pngChamadebael.pngDarcygirl6!
bael.pngDeathMetal! bael.pngDrum! bael.pngEltonJ0hnbael.pngGameking2828! bael.pngJust_Jack04!
adele.pngKristopher! athem.pngKovubael.pngKvoth! bael.pngLeesaw! bael.pngOsk!
bael.pngOver Ebael.pngPurply Llama! elendur.pngR S Zelda! bael.pngRobrunes! bael.pngSirgeorge770!
bael.pngSliver Man! elendur.pngSmeeagain007! bael.pngSpin For Joy! bael.pngWwdTour Kanebael.pngZarech!

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Awesome! Thanks for all the hard work

Thank you everyone for your event participation :) 

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Oh sweet that's quite a jump for quite a few.  Thanks!

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