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July Treasure Trail Results


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July Treasure Trail Event

The results are in and it's really not much of a surprise that

the winner of EVERYTHING in this event is the one & only....

Art Palete

Art was such a pirate in July that he completed 176 clues!

It's safe to say that he won everything-

68 Easy Clues

30 Medium Clues

35 Hard Clues

43 Elite Clues

Best Loot - 3,309,929

Worst Loot - 1,746

For the year of 2017 I name Art Palete the Clue Master of SoA


(Thanks to Kingey for making the awesome Signature for this)

I hope you all enjoyed the event & made a little extra money along the way 




Art Palete


Eragon Wings








Princess Rae

Sgt Pepper




A big thanks goes out to aanniieee for coming up with the event idea!




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Holy shit that's a lot of clues :p Grats!

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Wow Art, you really are the clue master =P Grats on your rewards

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Thanks for this event. I really loved it and it's got me back in to doing clues in general :p

Well done Art - must feel good to be able to stop doing so many

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Unstoppable Art haha :p A lot of effort put in, grats!

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Wow! Grats! 

Good lot of participation too!  

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Master Treasure Trails hunter, yet never gotten that elusive dye.

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