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Recap: Sharkborne's Trivia


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sadron.pngTakara (The Aviansie) who got 6 of the trivia questions correct!

You had the most correct of all who participated!


And thanks to all others who participated - most got at least one question correct!
And stay tuned to this thread in the coming days for my potential plans for the future of the trivia capability in Discord.


The questions and their answers are below:


What's the name of the Island in Gielinor occupied by pirates? Mos Le'Harmless!  Arr!

What was the name of the pirate in the RuneScape Quest 'Pirate's Treasure!'? Redbeard Frank!  Arr!

What was Blackbeard's real name? Edward Teach!  Arr!

What minigame has ye brewing rum? Trouble Brewing!  Arr!

During Rocking Out, which 5 captains must you get the mark of? Captain Braindeath, Captain Bill Teach, Captain Brass Hand Harry, Captain Redbeard Frank, and Captain Izzy No-Beard!  Arr!

Who wrote "Treasure Island?" Robert Lewis Stevenson!  Arr!

Who is the main antagonist of the RuneScape Pirate quest series? Rabid Jack! Arr!

In RuneScape, what is the name of Bill Teach's ship? The Adventurous! Arr!

What was the name of the flag flown by Pirate Ships? Jolly Roger!  Arr!

On what island does Sharkborne reside? Waiko! Arr!

What book can be used to translate pirate slang in RuneScape? Book o' Piracy! Arr!

What do pirates refer to as the bottom of the sea? Davey Jones Locker!  Arr!

In The Great Brain Robbery, what is the name of Mi-Gor's bodyguard? Barrelchest! Arr!

What other species occupies the lands of Mos le' Harmless? Horrors!  Jungle Horrors and Cave Horrors! Arr!

In Treasure Island, what was the name of the one legged pirate? Long John Silver! Arr!

What pirate must you rescue in Recipe for Disaster? Pirate Pete! Arr!

What day is today?  April Fools!  Arr!

What Island in the pirate series is occupied by brainless monks? Harmony Island! Arr!

What movie franchise features Captain Jack Sparrow? Pirates of the Caribbean!  Arr!

From what port can you charter a ship to Mos le' Harmless? Port Phasmatys! Arr!

What was Captain Hook afraid of? Ticking Crocodile!  Arr!

What is the name of the antagonist of the Arc miniquests? Jed! Arr!

What former pirate became a banker on Lunar Isle during Dream Mentor? 'Bird's-Eye' Jack! Arr!

What island was a legendary haven for many pirates? Tortuga!  Arr!

What is the name of the ship that patrols the Arc inspiring dread in most of the islanders? The Harbinger! Arr!

What tier of Treasure Trail has the chance of rewarding you with a Pirate hat? Hard clue! Arr!

What was the name of Long John Silver's parrot? Captain Flint!  Arr!

Who sails The Harbinger? Captain Cora! Arr!

What is the name of your ship when travelling at the Arc? Sarim's Revenge! Arr!

What was Blackbeard's final ship called? The Adventure!  Arr!

What race of creature is Lookout Ekahi? Cyclops! Arr!

How many islands are there in the Arc? 7! Arr!

What is the term describing the temporary protection under which captains can negotiate without being attacked? Parlay!  Arr!

Complete the pirate cyclops song chorus:\nHeave-ho/A-sailing we'll go/I'll take you on a journey/If the wind comes to blow.....?" You'll see by my stature I'm not one to shy/From the fear of the weak man/I see with this eye/One eye... Arr!

What type of beverage was Redbeard Frank after? Karamja Rum!  Arr!

What name was given to a pirate acting on behalf of a government? Privateer!  Arr!

In Sid Meier's Pirates!, what are the four nations you can ally with? Britain, France, The Netherlands and Spain!  Arr!

What is the name of the pirate penguin on Mos le' Harmless?", "Flippers McGraw! Arr!

What does a pirate shout when he sees land? Land ho!  Arr!

What title is unlocked fer a pirate who has explored all there is to offer at th' Arc? Salty! Arr!

What causes scurvy? Lack of Vitamin C!  Arr!

What title is unlocked fer a pirate who has completed their Arc Journal? The Voyager! Arr!

What is the name of the pirate with whom you can exchange Brimhaven Agility Arena reward tickets? Pirate Jackie the Fruit! Arr!

What does a pirate do when he finds treasure? Plunder it! Arr!

What is the name of the pirate leader referenced during Heroes' Quest? ScarFace Pete! Arr!

What song did the JMods perform at the release of Player Owned Ports? Get me back to port! Arr! <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvNiwh9aQ2M>

What currency is given as a reward for playing Trouble Brewing? Pieces of eight! Arr!

Who did Jed steal a ship from in Port Sarim? Trader Stan! Arr!


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Grats! :D 

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Nice work! :happy: 

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